Do we really need an Air Purifier?

Each season comes with its own challenges. While winters are worst, summer and monsoon have their own problems. We breathe about 11,000 liters of air per day and with every breath variety of pollutants enter our body.

Unlike food and water, the consumption of air is largely dependent on the surroundings. If the surroundings are bad, the consumption is bad.

If we are able to reduce the intake of pollutants, it will cause less damage to the airway which may result in reducing sick days.

On an average we spend 80% - 90% time in indoor condition and Indoor is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor. Let us see what the pollutants inside our home.


Sharp Air Purifier combines ACTIVE PLASMACLUSTER & PASSIVE FILTERATION to give Natural Clean & Healthy Indoor Air. It can eliminate a variety of problems from indoor air for holistic performance throughout the year.

How SHARP technology eliminate various pollutant

Type of Polutants Polutants Ratio Pre Filter Carbon/Panda# Filter HEPA Filter Plasmacluster Humidifier*
Approximate concentration of each pollutant in indoor air Fine mesh washable pre-filter to trap visible dust particles Sharp orifinal eliminates poisonous gases and VOC Highest Graded H14 Class (in EN1822 type) true HEPA filters Sharp original nature’s method of purification cetified and safe works on natural evaporation technique to adjust RH levels and improve skin texure
PM10, House Dust, pet Dander 15%
PM 2.5 Pollen 36%
Chemical Fumes & Toxins 20%
VOC & Haze compounds 7%
Infectious Substance 22%
Skin & Throat dryness, skin texure -
#Available in selected models only
*Available on Humidifier models


But, Why will you believe us?

Each & every claims made by Sharp has been tested & verified by 31 Global labs

Why Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp Technology

An “active” Plasmacluster mechanism combines with “passive” HEPA filtration to remove contaminants from indoor air

Active: Plasmacluster Technology

Plasmacluster Air Purifier India

Plasma is a cloud of ions (protons, neutrons & electrons) produced by an electrical discharge. The Plasmacluster Ion generating device replicates this process to release hydrogen (+) ions and oxygen (-) ions surrounded by water molecules into air. Nature produces similar (+ & -) ions to reverse air pollution - a natural air defense mechanism to purify air and make it invigorating.

No Harmful ozone

Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion technology does not produce any harmful Ozone during its process of air treatment. It mimics nature.

CB Certificate for Electrical Equipment

  • Japan Quality Assurance Organisation

Test report video

The Effects of Plasmacluster Ions against Airborne Microbes



Ions identical to ions found in nature are released into the air.



The Ions form highly oxidizing Hydroxide radicals that physically break down and remove proteins from suspended microbes’ surface.



The Hydroxide (OH) radicals combine with hydrogen (H) to form water (H2O) and return to the air.

Passive: Filtration of air

HEPA Air Purifier

All Sharp Air Purifiers have an air intake and an air outlet. The Air Purifier draws in air from the indoor environment through its air intake. This air then passes through a set of high-performance filters (Carbon filter & HEPA filter) before it’s blown back into the room through the outlet vents. This is a continuous cycle. HEPA filters help in:

HEPA Air Filter

Advantages of Sharp Filters

  • All Sharp Air Purifiers sold in India are equipped with highest class H14 HEPA (in EN1822 type)
  • Active Carbon Filter/Charcoal Layer: Helps in removal of smoke and chemical fumes
  • Micron Mesh Pre-Filter: Captures dust particles as small as 50 microns