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  • Water Purifier Pitcher

    At Sharp, we believe in saving time and effort to lead a better life. The Water Purifier Pitcher uses the power of gravity to purify water. Its filter soaks all the impurities and let’s only clean water pass. Since it uses an unconventional source of energy i.e. gravity, the Water Purifier Pitcher by Sharp works without electricity. This makes it ideal to use at home or during travel, without limitations, so you can get pure water no matter where you are.

Why Choose Sharp Water Purifier Pitcher

No matter the surroundings, everybody deserves clean, pure water.

  • Key Features
  • No electricity required
  • Uses gravity for water purificationr
  • No water contamination
  • Protection from water micro-bacteria


Model no. Pitcher
Product WJ-100
Longevity 120 gallons of water
Flow Rate 500ml/Min
Total Capacity 3.5L of input storage

Customers Speak

I have recently bought Sharp’s Pitcher for my home. And I am surprised with the ease of using this product. It does not require electricity, or anything to work. It uses gravity for its purification system. Kudos to Sharp for this product!

Laxmi Murthi, (Shop Owner)

It was very difficult for us to keep purchasing mineral water on our road trips. Then my husband bought this Sharp Pitcher and it so portable that I carry it whenever I travel. Now, wherever I get water, I pour it in the pitcher and the water gets purified, even without electricity.

Sabya Pal, (Travel Vlogger)

With so many water purifiers in the market, it was difficult for me to choose. But then I found a suitable product for my family, the Sharp RO. It does an incredible job when it comes to purifying water. An added advantage is that it looks great as well.

Manjeet Singh (IT Professional)


Can we use bore-well water within the Water Purifier Pitcher?

Bore-well, well or corporation-supplied water can be used only if the water is visibly clear or the TDS level is below 250mg/L.

What type of water should not be put in the water pitcher?

Turbid/muddy water or water where TDS is above 250mg/L

What is the life of the Filter Cartridge?

The rated life of the filter cartridge is 6 months or 450 litres, whichever is earlier. The top cover contains a time-dial which can be set for the start month of usage so that you know when to replace the filter. This filter life can be further enhanced or reduced depending on the source of water.

Any other special care instruction that I should be aware of?

  • Do not drop the unit since it is fragile
  • Do not scrub using harsh detergents
  • Place the top cover carefully and don’t push it hard
  • Please use the filtered water within 8 to 10 hours of storage
  • You can refrigerate, but use within prescribed limits
  • While installing the Filter Cartridge, ensure that it is inserted deeply into the cavity

How do we report any damage?

In case of defects detected on arrival, please follow any of the options given below:

  • Dial Toll-Free Number 18004254322 between 7AM and 9PM on all day
  • Give a Missed Call at 8750922277
  • Send email to

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