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Why to Choose Sharp Healsio Microwave

While we heat the food item in microwave the surface of the food become dry and it loses its nutrient value. But with Sharp Healsio Microwave, the food is cooked in super-heated steam that preserves the actual taste and nutritional value.

  • Energy Saving
  • Cuts unwanted salts & fats
  • Preserve Vitamin & Minerals
  • Control the calorie intake
  • Easy to cook set menu at one time
  • Superheated steam can multiple cooking
  • Moist and fresh food

Unique Features of Sharp AX-1600V-R

  • Globaly Certified

  • Save Energy

  • Save Time

  • Steam Cooking

  • Preserve Nutrient Value


Model no. AX-1600V-R
Color Red
Oven Capacity 31
Auto Making (no. of menu) 34
Cooking Program Superheated Steam/Grill/Convection/Microwave
Interior Material Non-Sticky Stainless Steel
Door Type Pull-Oven
Control Panel Type Dial
Output Power (W) Microwave: 800
Output Power (W)
Microwave: 800
Steam: 1250
Grill: 1450
Energy Save < 1
Oven Tray Dimension (WxD) in mm 313x290
Inside Dimension (WxHxD) in mm 320x225x340
Outside Dimension (WxHxD) in mm 592x576x505
Weight (kg) 24
Rating Voltage & Frequency 220V~50Hz 1.55kW