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  • Twin Cooker

    In today’s fast-paced world, running from goal to goal has left people with no time to cook nutritious meals every day. But, with Sharp’s Twin Cooker, you can cook four dishes at once. With the added convenience of automated functions, you can also ensure that you get nutritious meals that are cooked with less oil and are delicious to savour! Make tasty and healthy meals with minimal effort as the Sharp Twin Cooker takes care of the heavy tasks for you.

Why Buy Sharp Twin Cooker

Your Sharp Twin Cooker, with its easy-to-use functions, can help you save on precious time and turn everyday cooking into an easy, quick, and convenient task. Say yes to healthier food today!

  • What Sets the Sharp Twin Cooker Apart?
  • 1st dual pot multi-cooker
  • 12 auto cooking modes
  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • 12-hour Warm mode
  • Cook 4 dishes at once
  • Smart Temperature Control

Unique Features of Twin Cooker

  • Touch Control Operations

  • Saves Energy

  • Saves Time

  • Easy to Clean

  • Delay Timer Option


Model no. Twin Cooker
Net Weight 8kgs
Power/ Wattage 450W*2 ~ 900W
Voltage 220V - 240V; 50-60 Hz
Capacity 5L (2.5L*2)
Product size (W*H*D in mm) 404*300*205
Operation Touch Control
Manual Mode Temperature 35°C (min) ~ 175°C (max)
Spoon Yes
Scoop Yes
Measuring Cup Yes
Steam Bowl Yes (2 bowls)

Customers Speak

"In the month of October, we were shopping for my daughter’s marriage. And then I saw this twin cooker at a dealer of Sharp. In this cooker, she can make 4 dishes at 1 time which will save her lots of time. She loved it when she finally saw it and now she wants more smart appliances from Sharp"

Ramsingh Bagga, Businessman

"I recently moved to Pune, and I am still settling in the city. I bought twin cooker for myself and it has changed my life completely. I can cook my lunch & breakfast at the same time like pullao for lunch and poha for breakfast. It is very easy to clean as well."

Shreejit Gosh, Architect

"This is an amazing product for people who live alone or are working professionals. With minimal effort one can cook 4 items in 1 go. This makes it an ideal companion for me."

Mayuri Desai , Housewife


How can I use 2 pots and steam baskets at the same time?

You can use the lower pot with a particular Recipe Select mode at a time and then put the upper pot with the dishes and close the lid. No mode can be selected for the steam basket at this time, as that works on the heat of the lower pot.

How can I set the time and temperature?

To set the time, first press the Setting button. Change the Hour and then press the Setting button again to change the Minute.

For changing the temperature, press the Setting button thrice and then press ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons to increase or decrease the temperature.

How can I set the timer?

That’s simple. Press the Timer button once to change the Hour and twice to change the Minutes.

How can I operate with Warm function? How much time does it work for?

After cooking is completed, the Warm function is automatically selected. If you want to deactivate, then after selection of cooking mode, press the Ok button.

How we can operate with warm function and it works for how much time .

After cooking completing the warm function is automatically gets selected. If you want to deactivate then after selection of cooking mode press ok button.