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  • Super Heated Steam Oven

    Healsio is a Super Heated Steam Oven that makes life easy. This microwave is capable of grilling, roasting, cooking and baking. Sharp Healsio cooks food with superheated steam that helps preserve the nutrients of the food and keep it healthy. It is a microwave oven that offers the convenience of cooking and the assurance of nutrient-rich healthy food.

Why Choose Sharp Healsio

When we heat the food item in a microwave oven, the surface of the food becomes dry and it loses its nutrient value. But with Sharp Healsio, the food is cooked in super-heated steam that preserves the actual taste and nutritional value.

  • Key Points of Superheated Steam Oven
  • Energy Saving
  • Cut down on unwanted salts & fats
  • Preserve vitamin & minerals
  • Control your calorie intake
  • Easy-to-cook set menu at one time
  • Superheated steam can help with multiple cooking modes
  • Fresh and nutritious food

Unique Features of Super Heated Steam Oven

  • Design

  • Steam

  • Superheated Steam

  • Convenience

  • Convection


Model no. Super Heated Steam Oven
Color Red
Oven Capacity 31(L)
Auto Making (no. of menus) 34
Cooking Program Superheated Steam/Grill/Convection/Microwave
Interior Material Non-Sticky Stainless Steel
Door Type Pull-Oven
Control Panel Type Dial
Output Power (W)
Microwave: 800
Steam: 1250
Grill: 1450
Energy Save < 1
Oven Tray Dimension (WxD) in mm 313x290
Inside Dimension (WxHxD) in mm 320x225x340
Outside Dimension (WxHxD) in mm 592x576x505
Weight (kg) 24
Rating Voltage & Frequency 220V~50Hz 1.55kW

Customers Speak

"I was uncertain about the gift I should give mom on her 54th b’day. I mean it was difficult for me to choose something that she likes & same time something that she could you use. That’s when I found Sharp Healsio Super Heated Steam Oven on the internet. My mom loves baking and with this multipurpose oven she can now easily grill, bake, microwave all at 1 go. In fact, she even appreciated the fact that the food cooked in Healsio will contain low amount of calories and fat which will keep her healthy."

Satya Sahukaar, IT Professional

"On this Diwali, my boss gifted me a Sharp Healsio Super Heated Steam Oven. I am amazed with the versatility of this product. I mean you can grill, bake, microwave and what not. It is definitely a replacement for almost half of the items in my kitchen."

Deepak Pal, Finance Auditor

"I got a Healsio as a house-warming gift from my colleagues in Delhi. It is such an easy to use machine that I almost cook anything I want in just a few minutes. The technology of superheated steam keeps the vegetable crispy and prevents them from getting soggy."

Rahul Kumar, Construction Company


How many modes are available in Healsio?

In Healsio, mainly mode are 4 type

  • 1)Super steam convection.
  • 2)Steam mode
  • 3)Convection
  • 4)Microwave

How Healsio is different from Any Microwave?

The Healsio work on the super-heated steam does not cook food on any radiation.

What is super steam convection?

Super steam convection is the mode at which cooking is done on high temperature of water steam.

In Healsio there is water tank which need to be filled with water in super steam convection mode. With the help of high temperature this super-heated steam help to bake roast or grill and many more process.

Is it a microwave?

No it is not a microwave it just has one mode microwave like other modes it’s a replacement of microwave, Owen, Toaster, griller and the cooking from this Healsio is very healthy as it cook the food on high steam temperature.

What kind of food can be cook in this Healsio?

Any kind of cooking like dessert, curry, daal, baking, steam vegetables, grilled chicken, roasting everything you can do even you can use the sub mode according to the ingredients and the food quality.

What will be the warranty cover of the Healsio?

Customer only can avail the warranty for interior parts not for the accessories not for the outer damage.5 year warranty.