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  • Bread Maker

    Why buy mass-produced bread loaves from the market when you can just whip up your own! With the PE-105-CS 600W Bread Maker by Sharp, you can bake heavenly loaves of healthy and fresh bread with the help of 12 pre-programmed menus.

    The Sharp Bread Maker is an innovative product with fully automated function, all the way from kneading to baking, and even comes with its own recipe book to let you explore the art of baking. Create healthy and innovative flavoured bread for your friends and family when you bring home the PE-105-CS 600W Bread Maker by Sharp.

  • What Sets the Sharp Bread Maker Apart?
  • No Supervision Required
  • Make bread light, medium or dark
  • Store Setting for easier usage
  • Pick right up after a power cut
  • Fresh Homemade flavor

Unique Features of Bread Maker

  • Memory Function

  • Full Automatic Function

  • Auto-Resume

  • Jam maker

  • Adjustable Browning Control


Model no. Bread Maker
Menu 12 program menu
Mounting Table Top
Memory Function Yes (Last Operation)
Dispenser For Fruits & Nuts
Loaf Size 1.5L/2.0L
Browning Control Light/Medium/Dark
Product Dimension 259(L)*360(W)*313(H)
Power Consumption 600W

Customers Speak

"My daughter delights us by making bread using sharp’s bread maker. She makes pasta, risotto and other Italian dishes along with home baked bread. It being a smart appliance, I am at ease that it is safe for her. She is just 12 and I’m proud of this new chef in making. "

Rajat Palekar, Writer

"I am Mathew and I am a French expat living in Madurai. Bread in our culture is an important food. And I have been using this product for a decent time. I am happy with this product. "

Mathew Sebastian, Businessman

"This Diwali, I ordered the bread maker for my mom and she is enjoying every bit of it. She is making garlic bread, oat bread, multigrain bread and what not. The product is very satisfying and I am more than glad with this purchase. "

Maya Rastogi, Fashion designer.


How many types of bread can be make ?

You can make any type of bread maker say for example Whole wheat bread, quick bread,fruits and nuts bread.

How many types of cake can be done?

In Sharp bread maker you can make any cake like, fruit cake, banana cake etc.

Do we make chutney and jam in bread maker.

Yes, you can make N numbers of jam and chutney in Sharp bread maker.

Does the sharp maker makes healthy bread ?

In Sharp bread maker you can get fresh and healthy bread as it prepared at home with less yeast and in very less time.

Making Bread in sharp bread maker is easy?

Yes, it is just pour and cook need to kneading the dough no need to do anything else just pour all the ingredients and select the bread type and select the color, loaf size and press start.