Why hospitals require air purifier the most?

Patients, who visit hospitals or clinics are frequented for treatment of a disease or a health check-up, are the single biggest carrier of airborne threats like harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes. These germs are not visible to the naked eye and are present all across the building – on chairs in hallways, staircase railings, wash-room and even on the doctor’s table. Even new patients get infected with organisms left behind by the previous patients.

Various international studies have shown that these microbes tend to grow over a period of time as more and more patients visit the hospital establishment. And unknowingly, general visitors too tend to pick up these microbes and fall sick with an infection. Hence it is very important for all healthcare facilities to have the airborne-germ free environment. Best industry practices encourage to have an air purifier for hospitals.

Some studies have also observed that presence of microbes increases during the summer season. This can be attributed to the increase of humidity levels in the warmer regions or may be high in regions of high humidity levels.

Depending upon the duration of stay and movement of the patients and visitors inside the hospital, the level of microbial infection can substantially increase.

SHARP indoor air purifier for hospitals helps in neutralizing any threat from these harmful airborne microbes and viruses. With the best in-class HEPA filters and Plasmacluster technology,SHARP air purifier - captures the minutest of dust particles and kills harmful microbes. The plasmacluster technology also helps in removing odor by generating fresh air.

SHARP Dehumidifier + air purifier for hospitals also helps in maintaining indoor humidity levels, thereby preventing the formation of mold.

Presence of mold in an indoor environment can be extremely harmful and can lead to allergic reactions. Excess formation of mold can also cause respiratory problems to the patients and in some case may trigger asthma or bronchitis attacks. This is another reason which makes it very important for all hospital and medical establishments to have an air purifier installed across all areas which are frequented by visitors, patients or medical attendants.

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