Common allergies from pets and how to prevent them

Common allergies from pets like dog or cat

If, after playing with your pet, you have a wheezing nose, watery eyes or have difficulty in breathing then you have symptoms of pet allergy.

Allergic reactions resulting in sneezing or short breath are triggered by substances called allergens. The hair of your pet is the most common carrier of pet allergens like pet’s urine, saliva or dead skin cells. These allergens can cling on the room furniture, clothes or other surfaces and remain settled for months.

Over a period of time, these allergens also get suspended in room air due to common household activities like dusting, vacuuming of the house. These airborne allergens then float in room air resulting in regular sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes or skin rash. In some cases, inflamed skin may be observed due to regular licking by the pet.

Pet allergens, suspended in air, can also get easily inside your lungs causing breathing problems.

All pets, regardless of breed or sex, can cause pet allergy.

How pet allergens can affect you in long term

Pet allergens get suspended in air when the pet is groomed. Allergens can also float whilst cleaning the house. Once in air, these allergens can have severe effect depending upon your immunity system.

People with highly sensitive immunity system can face severe breathing problems with regular exposure to pet allergen. In certain cases, contact with a pet cat can also trigger a severe asthma attack.

How to avoid pet allergens

If a doctor has diagnosed you with pet allergy, then it is strongly recommended to take preventive measures against harmful allergens. The right air Purifier for pet owners, can help in removing air borne allergens that otherwise can easily enter lungs and cause breathing problems.

Pet owners should keep the air purifier in rooms where maximum time is spent with the pet. The air purifier should be kept on for at-least 4 to 5 hours every day.

An air purifier with a good HEPA filter is essential but not effective on its own. So which one is the best air purifier for pet owners?

Sharp Air Purifier for Pet Owners

Sharp Plasmacluster technology in air purifier for pet owners helps to keep the indoor air free from any airborne allergens. The plasmacluster mechanism generates the same positive and negative – plasmacluster ions, as found in nature. These ions act on airborne microbes by forming hydroxide radicals which help in removing mold, bacteria and viruses found in air or attached to any surface like room walls or furniture. The plasma discharge of positive and negative ions also help in generating fresh indoor air, thus keeping the room clean. They also help in keeping your skin hydrated by retaining the moisture.

Sharp Air Purifiers can reduce airborne bacteria and ammonia odors, which are the main causes of pet odors. Read the press release here.