Why air purifier for asthma patients is a must at home?

Asthma is a lung disease which makes it difficult for the patient to breathe. Exposure to air pollutants inflames and narrows the airways in the lungs; causing coughing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.

If you have asthma symptoms, an air purifier may help you to breathe better. Air purifier for asthma patients helps them breathe in pure air which is free of dust particles, allergic pollen particles and other invisible particles inside the room. The main cause of Asthma attack is inflammation of airway/respiratory tract. For asthma patients, Sharp Air purifier work wonders by removing allergy-triggering agents like House Dust Mites, Pollen, Influenza Virus and Chemical Fumes. This is done by HEPA filter technology that helps in removing 99.97% of cedar pollen allergens. Sharp Air purifiers come equipped with the highest class H14 HEPA filters. Its active carbon layer helps in removal of smoke and chemical fumes. It captures dust molecules as small as 50 microns ensuring that Asthma patients inhale in the clean indoor air.

Sometimes we do not even understand that there may be a lot of allergens in the home environment that may cause an allergic reaction. Wall to wall carpets at home adds to the allergens, day to day sweeping furniture at home helps the spread of dust particles and we are left to inhale these dust particles during our daily routines.

Therefore, air purifier for asthma patients is increasingly being advised by doctors since they understand that even small pollutants in the air may trigger an allergic reaction in the patients. It is proven that indoor air quality improves quickly and easily by effectively using Sharp Air Purifiers, thereby leading to clean air inside the home.

Most of the air purifier just blow the air and circulates the same air in the room without cleaning the dust particles. But Sharp air purifiers use HEPA technology that cleans the microparticles in the air and reduces the allergens.

British Allergy Foundation has made it easy to choose right air purifier, especially for people with respiratory problems. They have extensively tested & certified Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers for their effectiveness in reducing Asthma & Allergy triggers. While everyone claims to have HEPA, the quality, grade, size, folds and life are not clear in most cases. Without this, all are only claims and does not ensure effectiveness as well as safety.

Sharp Air purifiers have a complete range of air purifiers that fits every need. Buy now to breathe fresh!