What are the causes of an allergic reaction in human body?

Allergy is the most widely persistent condition that causes mild to highly intense discomfort to an individual with most of the causal factors being the invisible and tiny particles present in the air around us. Our immediate surrounding contains flora (plants) and fauna (animals) which most of the times emerge as the causal factor or trigger behind allergic reactions that we suffer from.

House dust, mold, pollen, dust mites, fabrics, cat and dog dander, cockroaches, pet rodents, horsehair and house plants are common indoor allergens known to cause, trigger or provoke allergic reactions in susceptible individuals resulting in symptoms like scratchy throat, itchy and watery eyes, drippy nose, eczema, rashes, wheezing, dermatitis, asthma and congestion to name a few. Understanding these allergens and the extent of allergies they may cause is an ever evolving subject of debate. However, the key to managing allergies remains centered around reducing an individual’s level of exposure or completely avoiding them.

How can you prevent this?

Since a modern day individual spends most of the time in an indoor setting be it workplace or home where he/she is always susceptible to the causal factors, keeping an air purifier to prevent allergies is a wise decision for them to make.

How Sharp Air Purifiers help you?

Sharp brings revolutionary technology in the form of its globally popular air purifiers for prevention of allergies, which forces allergens to take a back seat. All Sharp Air Purifiers are armed with highest class H14 HEPA, Active Carbon Filter/Charcoal Layer and Micron Mesh Pre-Filter, which help in removing the smoke and chemical fumes, and capturing dust particles as minor as 0.3 microns. An ‘active’ Plasmacluster mechanism is infused with ‘passive’ HEPA filtration to remove all kind of impurities and toxins from indoor air. To deliver great customer satisfaction through excellent performance, Sharp air purifier has large surface area and highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) in its category. Sharp HEPA filters last for up to two years, depending upon the usage and environmental circumstances. Sharp Air Purifier also helps in retaining the moisture of the skin, thus improving its elasticity and texture. What’s more, each & every claim that Sharp makes has been tested and certified by 31 global laboratories.

Air purifier to avoid allergies should be an individual’s first move towards securing him/herself from the discomfort that allergens may lead to. For a small room or for a big hall, lightweight or less in cost; Sharp caters a range of air purifiers that fits your requirement. You can choose the correct Sharp Air Purifier by simply selecting your room size and type on our website.

So, buy now to breathe fresh!