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An invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of nitrogen and oxygen-containing small amounts of argon and other gases.
Indoor air is the air present in closed premises, like a bedroom, living room, toilet, office cabin, inside a car, doctor’s cabin, movie theatre, malls, hospital, airport etc Outdoor air is the air present in open area like in playground, roads, etc.
Pollution is the insertion of impurities into the natural environment that may cause an unfavorable change.
1. Air pollution
2. Water pollution
3. Noise pollution
4. Soil pollution
5. Thermal pollution
It is an introduction of harmful substances including particulates and biological elements in the air.
Contaminated/Polluted/Adulterated air may cause diseases/disorders like Swine flu, Bird flu, Respiratory diseases, Asthma, etc.
Therefore, to stay healthy, we need not only pure food, unpolluted water but also clean Air.
As per US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted compared to outdoor air.
Various types of pollutants are present in our homes.
It is found that only 15 - 25% pollutants like Dust (PM2.5, PM10), Vehicular Smoke, Pollen, Industrial Smoke, etc. enter from the outside.
On the other hand, about 75 - 85% of the pollutants are produced in our home due to our regimes and living conditions.
These pollutants consist of various chemicals that are being used (include but not limited to Mosquito repellants, chemicals to clean the floor and the furniture, Perfume/ Deodorants, incense sticks, candles, room fresheners, etc.). Due to attached bathrooms in modern homes the level of Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, mold spores, etc. have also increased. Kitchen fumes, Pet Dander and Cigarette smoke also contribute to indoor pollutants.
The primary cause of high indoor pollution is Inadequate Ventilation & Scarcity of Sunlight.
On an average, we spend about 12-18 hours in closed locations & inhale indoor air, which as per the US Environmental Protection Agency - EPA, 4-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.
Sharp air purifiers eliminate the harmful substances and freshen the air to energize you and provide clean air to inhale.
A device that cleans the air from harmful substances like virus, bacteria, fungi, allergy triggering substances like dust, pollens, molds etc, smoke/toilet odor. Air purifier helps in reducing the intake air pollutants thus reducing illness and sick days.
With the increase of industrialization & deforestation, the pollution level has increased many highs in today's time. For reducing the chances of getting infected with harmful substances like the virus, bacteria, molds, fungi, pollen, the lousy smell we need an air purifier.
Sharp Air Purifier should run 24 hours because pollution enters our room all the time and it should be ready to fight against pollutants all the time. Also there are various pollutants inside our room; some contaminants like dust, pollen, smoke can be cleaned in 5 - 15 minutes while airborne & adhesive to surface Virus, tobacco smoke, VOCs, etc. being smaller in size passes thru filters and takes time to clean.
The best place to use the Air Purifier is a bedroom where we spend the maximum amount of time in a stretch. (Usually, we spend 8-10 hours daily in our bedroom, on holidays and weekends we spend 14-18 hours). Where ever we use the air-purifier the underlying logic is to reduce our exposure to pollutants and thus reduce the risk of diseases like Allergy , Whooping cough, Wheezing, Flu & Asthma.
Due to lack of proper ventilation indoor air gets stuffy & stale. Stale air is the air which is present in closed premises for long time, it losses its purity & freshness. Inhaling stale air can cause choking, suffocation & in some cases unconsciousness.
Sharp air purifiers are the only air purifiers that have Active & Passive Purification Methods.
Passive purification means HEPA + other filtration which is used to trap dust (PM 2.5), smoke & pollen.
Active purification means Plasmacluster technology that goes out & eliminates infectious germs & toxic gases/ chemicals from both air & surface.
1. Sharp uses Patented Technology which Mimics nature. So it is a safe technology.
2. Sharp uses two kinds of purification processes (active & passive) whereas other uses only Passive filtration method to clean air.
3. Sharp Air Purifier is the only air purifier which cleans air & surface both.
4. The sharp air purifier can eliminate static charge.
5. Sharp Air Purifier can remove suffocation & staleness.
6. Sharp Air Purifiers can be used in all seasons.
It is a technology which is adapted from nature's way of cleaning the environment. Sharp has named it Plasmacluster. This active purification method does the below five functions: -
i) Generates fresh indoor air : - Plasma discharge generates and emits the same positive and negative ions that occur in nature.
ii) Neutralizes harmful VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds) & other toxic gases: - Plasmacluster Ions surround and break VOCs and toxic gases
iii)Kills microbes and other infectious elements: - Plasmacluster Ions kill viruses including H1N1, microbes, bacteria like E.Coli, MRSA, TB & fungal spores to sterilize indoor air.
iv) Removes static charge: - Plasmacluster Ions remove static electricity that traps dust particles and pollen on charged surfaces.
v) Hydrates skin: - Plasmacluster Ions not only help the skin retain moisture but also help improve its elasticity and texture.
Plasmacluster Technology splits the water molecules (H2O) present in the air into H+ ion (positive ion) & O2- ion (negative ion) as present in the forest. These positive and negative ions are very unstable, water molecule cluster around the ions to stabilize it.
These positive and negative ions combine to form OH (hydroxyl radical) which are highly oxidizing when they come in contact with the surface of mold/virus/pollen/bacteria etc.
They instantly remove the hydrogen from the surface proteins, breaking them down. This neutralizes the harmful substances.
The hydroxyl (OH) radicals combine with hydrogen (H) to form water (H2O), which returns to the air.
In Forest/ large parks – has balanced positive & negative ions.
Positive ions ~ 4100 - 4200 ions /cm3
Negative ions ~ 4100 – 4300 ions /cm3
In urban outdoor: -
Positive ions ~ 700 - 800 ions /cm3
Negative ions ~ 800 – 900 ions /cm3
In Indoor: -
Positive ions ~ 400 - 500 ions /cm3
Negative ions ~ 200 – 300 ions /cm3
Several health authorities have verified the safety of Sharp PCI. It does not produces any ozone, it is electrically safe as well as child safe.The effectiveness has also been confirmed by 31 Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).
Winner of the Invention Prize at the 2008 National Invention Awards Ceremony held by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII) Patented by Sharp (Patent No. 3680121).
PM10 is particulate matter of size 2.6 - 10 micrometer diameter; these particles are usally blocked in our nose or in the mucus formed in respiratory tract. PM2.5 is particulate matter 0.3 - 2.5 micrometers in diameter, by way of comparison, a human hair is about 70 micrometers & beach sand is 90 micrometer. These particles are very harmful for human because it can reach to our deep into our lungs.
HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrester; this filter traps dust (up to PM2.5), smoke, pet dander & Pollens. HEPA filters are composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibers. The fibers are typically formed of fiberglass and possess diameters between 0.5 and 2.0 micrometers To qualify as HEPA by US government standards, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 micrometers.
All Sharp Air Purifiers sold in India are equipped with H14 Class (in EN1822 type) True HEPA filters, based on the JEM1467 standard of The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association. HEPA filters built to this standard remove 99.97% of dust and other particles of size 0.3 micrometers each time air passes through them.
The life of HEPA & Other filters is 2 to 5 years depending on the usage and environmental condition. Please refer the product detail section or catalog(hyperlink) to know more.
Please contact our service toll-free number 1800-4254-322 and register a filter change request.
Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR is the volume of air an air purifier can clean. CADR determines the number of air changes in an hour.

HEPA Filter should be cleaned with a dry brush or Dry cloth only. (Do not use water/ vacuum cleaner/ blower to clean the HEPA FILTER.)

Once in 30 - 45 days the HEPA filter's outside part should be kept in sunlight, it kills any virus, bacteria, mold, fungus & vaporizes any kitchen oil, etc. trapped in the filter.

Only, the pre-filter can be washed with water and if needed with detergent. (Standard cleaning of machine can be done with a moist cloth as we do in our household equipment like TV & Fridge)

Pre-filter is a mesh net commonly seen in an air conditioner. This filter traps large dust particles or dust coarse. These large particles can be easily seen by naked eyes in sunlight when we open the window.
Sharp air purifiers are equipped with a pre-filter; please refer the product detail section or catalog to know more.
Carbon filter contains charcoal granules with pores in it. These pores make an extensive surface area to trap smell & chemical odor.
Haze is the mixture of car/industrial smoke with the dew. This mixture due to the heavy weight of water it comes down to the surface of the earth. Haze is dangerous for human due to a mix of various chemicals. Sharp air purifier equipped with HAZE mode releases high-density Plasmacluster ions and discharges strong air flow for 60 minutes, and then will alternate between Low and High level for 20 minutes each to fight Haze.
Static Charge is generated in fabrics and surfaces under Air-conditioned environment. It is harmful because it attracts the tiny particles. The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because people can feel, hear, and even see the spark as the excess charge is neutralized when brought close to a large electrical conductor.
Sharp Plasmacluster can eliminate static charge from fabrics & other surfaces which can later be captured in HEPA filter.
Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology does not produce any harmful Ozone during for the process of Air Treatment. It mimics nature.
CB Certificate for Electrical Equipment
" Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Allergens are the substances which cause an allergic reaction.
British Allergy Foundation has verified that Sharp Air Purifier can eliminate 99.8% allergens. The British Allergy Foundation has tested Sharp Air Purifier and has awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval. Plasmacluster Ions have been found most useful in the removal of allergy triggers like seasonal viral, dust mites, mold, pollen airborne chemicals, etc. BAF Seal is the most trusted mark in the battle against allergy.
Plasmacluster Ions break down and remove proteins from the surface of suspended and airborne bacteria thereby destroying them.

Verified by different independent research organizations: -

Adhering Bacteria: -

• Kitasato Institute Medical Center and Hospital

Airborne Bacteria: -

• Ishikawa Health Service Association
• Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China)
• Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Sciences
• Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany
• Harvard School of Public Health (U.S.A.)
Plasmacluster Ions break down and remove projecting spike-shaped proteins of suspended and adhering viruses including H1N1
Adhering Virus: -
• Retroscreen Virology (U.K.)
• Vietnam National University
Airborne Virus: -
• Retroscreen Virology (U.K.)
• Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Sciences
• Seoul National University (South Korea)
• Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease
• Control and Prevention (China)
• Kitasato Institute
Plasmacluster Ions cut through and remove the protein of suspended and clinging bacteria.
Adhering Mold Bacteria: -
• Medical School of Luebeck (Germany)
• Japan Food Research Laboratories
Airborne Mold Bacteria: -
• Ishikawa Health Service Association
• Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Plasmacluster helps in improved Texture, Elasticity & maintain Moisture.
Verified by: - The Research Institute of Electrical Communication at Tohoku University
• Moisture: - Dry skin is a common problem and can lead to other skin issues. Level of skin moisture is significantly improved after being exposed to Plasmacluster Ions
• Elasticity: - Skin moisture has a positive influence on its elasticity. Tests have also been carried out to confirm this relationship.
• Texture: - When skin is moist, its texture improves.
Auto restart means machine will automatically start after power cuts/ power failure or switched off from the main. Users don’t have to switch "ON" the machine again. Most Sharp air purifier models have auto restart operation; please refer the product detail section to know more.
Different models have different power consumption based on the coverage area; please refer the product detail section to know more.
Different models have different noise level based on the fan speed; please refer the product detail section or catalog to know more.
Please refer the product detail section or catalog to know warranty period of your air purifier model. Sharp also confirms that we will provide spares and filters to our customers for five years after the models are discontinued in India.
SHARP provides on-site warranty on all the Air Purifier models.
All SHARP Air Purifiers have gone through a variety of tests and have been certified by 31 global test laboratories. For details, see the certifications here...