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Your Car is like your 2nd home, therefore we suggest you to choose the best. Sharp Car Air Purifiers are globally certified products, and assure the breath of purity even in your car.





IG-GC2E has been designed to fit easily into your vehicle’s cup or bottle holder. It is quiet and takes power from your car’s DC-12V cigarette lighter port to quickly neutralise harmful elements from the air you breathe. Complemented by a washable PM10 filter that collects 80% tiny dust and pollen, the IG-GC2E ensures you get naturally clean and healthy air inside your vehicle, no matter how polluted the air outside is. A 2-port USB car adaptor is standard so that you can also charge your smartphone.


FP-JC2M, on the other hand, is a specially designed Air Purifier for the car which can sit on the arm rest easily. The sleek design of this product makes it eye-catching. It has odour and air purity indicators with cable gail that helps it to set on the arm rest. It is a premium product with carbon embedded, HEPA filter and washable PM10 filter.

Do you often wonder why?

In spite of spick and span interiors, the air inside your car smells foul or funny? It’s because of those unwanted and invisible co-passengers such as airborne allergens from dust mite faeces and their remains, viruses & airborne bacteria, mold, odours (including food and cigarette smoke) and static electricity. Sharp’s IG-GC2E is all you need to get rid of all these.

Unique Features of Car Air Purifiers

  • Airborne Molds

  • Animal Dander

  • DC Powered

  • Fine Design

  • In-built Sensors


Models Premium - FP JC2M Standard - IG-GC2E Economic - IG-DC2E
Suitable for Car/ SUV Yes Yes Yes
Coverage Area (sq feet) 3.6m3 3.6m3 3.6m3
Power Car Adapter Car adapter (12V) Car adapter (12V) & USB Phone Charging facility Car adapter (12V)
Installation Type Back rest or Arm rest with belt provided Cup Holder Cup Holder
Operation mode Auto/Low/Med/High Low/Med/Turbo Low/Med/Turbo>
Power Consumption (W) 1.8 / 2.4 / 4.6
0.5 / 0.7/1.8
1.1/ 1.8 / 2.7
Filter type & Life Carbon embedded HEPA - PM 2.5 (one year), Chemical Filter (one year) & Washable PM10 Pre Filter (lifetime) Washable PM10 Pre Filter (lifetime) Washable Pre Filter (lifetime)
Sensors Clean sign Indicator & Odour Sensors.
Light dimmer option available
None None
Outer dimensions 184(W) x 77(D) x 243(H) Cylindrical : Upper dimension: 74mm / Lower dimension: 65mm / Height: 162mm Cylindrical : Upper dimension: 76mm / Lower dimensio: 65mm / Height: 150mm
Weight 1.1 Kg 265 gm 270 gm


Is outdoor air healthy to inhale than indoor? Alternatively, which air is more polluted indoor or outdoor?

As per US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted compared to outdoor air.

What is the primary cause of High Indoor Pollutant?

The primary cause of high indoor pollution is Inadequate Ventilation & Scarcity of Sunlight

Why is an Air Purifier essential?

With the increase of industrialization & deforestation, the pollution level has increased many highs in today's time. For reducing the chances of getting infected with harmful substances like the virus, bacteria, molds, fungi, pollen, the lousy smell we need an air purifier.

Where shall we install the air purifier?

The best place to use the Air Purifier is a bedroom where we spend the maximum amount of time in a stretch. (Usually, we spend 8-10 hours daily in our bedroom, on holidays and weekends we spend 14-18 hours). Where ever we use the air-purifier the underlying logic is to reduce our exposure to pollutants and thus reduce the risk of diseases like Allergy , Whooping cough, Wheezing, Flu & Asthma.

What is Sharp Air Purifier? Alternatively, How Does the Sharp Air Purifier work?

Sharp air purifiers are the only air purifiers that have Active & Passive Purification Methods. Passive purification means HEPA + other filtration which is used to trap dust (PM 2.5), smoke & pollen. Active purification means Plasmacluster technology that goes out & eliminates infectious germs & toxic gases/ chemicals from both air & surface