Is the air inside your office clean?

Corporates make considerable investment in terms of budget, time and targeted efforts in grooming and training the workforce in order to drive the best of efficiency, effectiveness and output. However, recent studies have pointed out a critical yet ignored aspect of office health environment – air quality.

Air quality inside office space is not restricted to a few but many direct and indirect factors that lead to its deterioration. These factors may include building location, architecture and ventilation system, odor, moisture and humidity, food preparation area, sanitation system and smoking zones to name a few.

How poor air quality in office affects you?

With close to half of a day’s length that a modern day corporate worker spends inside office, the air quality index inside office is a subject worth consideration when it comes to employee health. With the increasing pattern of respiratory illnesses in the country, health experts have started warning about office and indoor air pollution hazards as several studies show that indoor pollutants are equally toxic to those in an urban outdoor environment. Initial and often ignored symptoms may include coughing, irritation in eyes, sneezing, wheezing which may end up as harmful as stroke, some types of heart diseases and lung cancer which prolonged exposure.

What you can do to prevent this?

Role of an office air purifier thus comes into picture. Manufactured for both household and commercial settings, an office air purifier filters or treats air contaminants that reduces respiratory risk especially in those who are sensitive, allergic or asthmatic. Sharp air purifiers for office are high performance air purifiers whose HEPA filter meets top global performance standards. Equipped with H14 Class (in EN1822 type) True HEPA filters, Sharp air purifiers for office remove 99.97% of dust and other particles of size 0.3 microns each time air passes through them. Be it tree pollen, grass pollen, allergens, airborne mold, dust or odors, Sharp air purifiers for office employ a 3-step filtration process to sterilize and cleanse the indoor air off of airborne substances harmful to humans. Office air purifiers by Sharp are a proven solution to a cleaner and healthier workplace air standard by generating fresh indoor air with their Plasmacluster Technology which also helps in neutralizing harmful VOC and other toxic gases, killing microbes and other contagious elements, removes static charge that otherwise attracts dust and pollens. Plasmacluster ions in Sharp office air purifiers also help in hydrating the skin by retaining moisture.

Sharp Air purifiers have a complete range of air purifiers for different settings and that fit every need. Make yourself and your workplace healthier and all the more productive.