What is HEPA Filter in Air Purifier?

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in air purifiers are filters that are designed to capture fine dust particles with extremely high efficiency.

All Sharp Air Purifiers are equipped with highest class (H14) HEPA filter in EN1822 type. This standard of HEPA filters in Air Purifier help in removing:

  1. 99.97% of dust particles and other small particles even of 0.3 um
  2. 99.8% of dust mite feces, allergens & PM 2.5

HEPA Filter in SHARP Air Purifier

Sharp’s HEPA Filter has a large surface area that results in higher performance and efficiency of the air purifier. The HEPA filter when stretched is nearly 8 meters long. The larger surface area helps in capturing more dust and minute harmful allergens. In addition to this, SHARP’s plasmacluster technology helps in capturing allergens which are either airborne or deposited on visible surfaces in room.

HEPA filter in SHARP Air Purifier is based on the JEM1467 standard of The Japan Electrical Manufacturer’s Association.

Passive HEPA Filtration technology in SHARP Air Purifiers

Sharp Air Purifiers work on 2 way mechanism – they have an inlet for indoor air and an outlet for purified air.

The air purifier takes in your room environment air through the intake area, which then passes through a set of high performance filters of Carbon and HEAP filter built inside the air purifier. The filters capture the finest of dust particles and the purified air is released back through the outlet vents. This process continues as long as the air purifier is being used.