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  • FP-FM40E-B

  • FP-GM50E-B

3X Triple Action

  • Plasmacluster
  • Generates Fresh Air
  • Neutralize Toxins/Gases
  • Kill harmful microbes
  • Remove Static charge
  • Improves Skin Texture


  • Air Purifying Capabilities
  • Highest class HEPA (H14 Grade)
  • Traps Dust/ Pollen/Smoke
  • Efficient Active Carbon filter
  • Higher Surface area
  • Strong Air Flow

3X Triple Action

  • Mosquito Catcher
  • 100% Chemical free
  • Powerful air suction
  • Strong Glue Sheet
  • Effective against house bugs
  • Convenient 3-layer Glue Sheet

Our current urban living conditions & lifestyle are ripe for rapid mosquito breeding resulting in diseases spreads by mosquito bites like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever,japanese encephalitis etc. In spite of doctors cautioning that use of toxic chemical-based mosquito repellants or sprays can trigger various respiratory problems, especially in children, their widespread use has had many unintended consequences on our respiratory health. Sharp uses traditional & natural methods to reduce the overall mosquito burden in the room for prevention and protection from mosquito borne diseases, along with effective air purifying capabilities.

Effective mechanism based on mosquito behavior

  • Blue Light
    Attracts Mosquitoes

  • Enticing Black

  • Ideal Hiding

  • Powerful Airflow
    and Suction

  • Strong Glue

Lab Testing


Models FP-FM40E-B FP-GM50E-B
Color Black Black
Coverage Area (Sq Ft) 320 450
Air Purification System Plasmacluster Ion Generator with True HEPA & Active Carbon Filter Plasmacluster Ion Generator with True HEPA & Active Carbon Filter
Mosquito trap function Yes Yes
Modes/ Fan speed Max / Med / Sleep / Auto Max / Med / Sleep / Auto
CADR/Airflow (Max / Med / Sleep) (m3/hour) 240 / 150 / 90 306 / 186 / 90
Noise level (Max / Med / Sleep) (dB) 48 / 38 / 20 51 / 41 / 20
Auto Restart Yes Yes
HEPA Filter Yes Yes
Deodorization/Active Charcoal Filter Yes Yes
Pre-filter Yes Yes
Filter life upto 2 years upto 2 years
Dust Sensor Yes Yes
Odor Sensor - Yes
Clean sign indicator Yes (3 step) Yes (3 step)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 391 x 540 x 281 394 x 540 x 281
Net weight (kg) 5.8 6.1
Power input (Max / Med / Sleep) (W) 33 / 14 / 6.2 51 / 17 / 4
Standby power (W) 1 1
Availability Amazon Exclusive Through Retail

Note: #The Filter Life may vary according to use and environment conditions, Depending on fan speed & indoor environment conditions.


Is outdoor air healthy to inhale than indoor? Alternatively, which air is more polluted indoor or outdoor?

As per US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted compared to outdoor air.

What is the primary cause of High Indoor Pollutant?

The primary cause of high indoor pollution is Inadequate Ventilation & Scarcity of Sunlight

Why is an Air Purifier essential?

With the increase of industrialization & deforestation, the pollution level has increased many highs in today's time. For reducing the chances of getting infected with harmful substances like the virus, bacteria, molds, fungi, pollen, the lousy smell we need an air purifier.

Where shall we install the air purifier?

The best place to use the Air Purifier is a bedroom where we spend the maximum amount of time in a stretch. (Usually, we spend 8-10 hours daily in our bedroom, on holidays and weekends we spend 14-18 hours). Where ever we use the air-purifier the underlying logic is to reduce our exposure to pollutants and thus reduce the risk of diseases like Allergy , Whooping cough, Wheezing, Flu & Asthma.

Where can you get the replacement filters?

Please contact our service toll-free number 1800-4254-322 and register a filter change request.

What is the maintenance of HEPA?

HEPA Filter should be cleaned with a dry brush or Dry cloth only. (Do not use water/ vacuum cleaner/ blower to clean the HEPA FILTER.)

Once in 30 - 45 days the HEPA filter's outside part should be kept in sunlight, it kills any virus, bacteria, mold, fungus & vaporizes any kitchen oil, etc. trapped in the filter.

Only, the pre-filter can be washed with water and if needed with detergent. (Standard cleaning of machine can be done with a moist cloth as we do in our household equipment like TV & Fridge)

What is Sharp Air Purifier? Alternatively, How Does the Sharp Air Purifier work?

Sharp air purifiers are the only air purifiers that have Active & Passive Purification Methods. Passive purification means HEPA + other filtration which is used to trap dust (PM 2.5), smoke & pollen. Active purification means Plasmacluster technology that goes out & eliminates infectious germs & toxic gases/ chemicals from both air & surface