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Why Sharp Air purifier + Dehumidifier?

Sunlight offers the best natural dehumidification in our home. When there is no direct sunlight and ambient relative humidity is over 70%, a dehumidifier may be helpful in avoiding discomfort and associated health problems. Sharp Air Purifier + Dehumidifier offers a holistic solution for perfectly clean, natural air with optimal levels of humidity for your Simply Better Life.

  • Unique Features of Dehumidifier
  • Maintains ideal Humidity
  • Kills Virus/ Bacteria/ Mold/ Fungus
  • Eliminates VOCs & Toxic gases
  • Reduces Static Charge
  • Reduces Suffocation & Staleness
  • Removes Dust (PM2.5 & PM 10)
  • Removes Pet Hair & Dander
  • Removes Smoke / Pollen

Unique Features of Sharp DW-E16FA-W & DW-J20

  • Dehumidification

  • Plasmacluster

  • HEPA

  • Laundry Function

  • Deodorization


Models DW-J20 DW-E16FA-W
Air Purification & Dehumidification System The only Dehumidifier with Plasmacluster Ion Generator
with True HEPA, Active Charcoal Filter & Pre Filter for superior
and holistic performance for use all year round. Full Function
Dehumidification function maintains humidity levels
The only Dehumidifier with Plasmacluster Ion Generator
with True HEPA, Active Charcoal Filter & Pre Filter for superior
and holistic performance for use all year round. Full Function
Dehumidification function maintains humidity levels
Coverage Area (sq feet) Air Purification: Upto 350 Air Purification: Upto 300
Coverage Area (sq feet) Demuhidification: Upto 400 Demuhidification: Upto 240
Water Tray Capacity Approx. 4.6 L or Continuous Drainage, Anti-bacterial Self
Cleaning System and Water Level Indicator
3 Liters or Continuous Drainage, Anti-bacterial and Water Level Indicator
Dehumidifying Capacity - 30°C/ 80%RH 20 L/ day 16L/ day
Air Flow/ CADR (m3/Hour) 258/90 (High/Low) 240/ 170/ 75 (High/ Medium/ Low)
Modes Auto, Dehumidifying, Laundry, Deodorizing, Auto, Sleep, Medium & High Auto Dehumidifying, Laundry, Deodorizing, Auto, Low, Medium & High
Pre Filter Mesh type Mesh type
Filter Life upto 5 years (For HEPA & Active Carbon) upto 2.5 years (For HEPA & Active Carbon)
Sensors & Indication PM2.5, Odor, Humidity, Light, Temperature & Water Tank Full Humidity, Odor & Tank Full
Inverter Operation Yes Yes
Operating Timer 2H/ 4H & 6H 2H/ 4H & 6H
Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 359 x 665 × 301 360 x 565 x 260
Net Weight (Kg) 16.7 12.2
Voltage & Frequency 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Watts) Dehumidification & Laundry: 260 Watts Dehumidification & Laundry: 190 Watts Air Purification only: 38/ 10/ 7
Noise Level (db) 29/ 51 53/ 35/ 27
Warranty 1 Year, (on site) 1 Year, (on site)

Note: #The Filter Life may vary according to use and environment conditions, Depending on fan speed & indoor environment conditions.


Is outdoor air healthy to inhale than indoor? Alternatively, which air is more polluted indoor or outdoor?

As per US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted compared to outdoor air.

What is the primary cause of High Indoor Pollutant?

The primary cause of high indoor pollution is Inadequate Ventilation & Scarcity of Sunlight

Why is an Air Purifier essential?

With the increase of industrialization & deforestation, the pollution level has increased many highs in today's time. For reducing the chances of getting infected with harmful substances like the virus, bacteria, molds, fungi, pollen, the lousy smell we need an air purifier.

Where shall we install the air purifier?

The best place to use the Air Purifier is a bedroom where we spend the maximum amount of time in a stretch. (Usually, we spend 8-10 hours daily in our bedroom, on holidays and weekends we spend 14-18 hours). Where ever we use the air-purifier the underlying logic is to reduce our exposure to pollutants and thus reduce the risk of diseases like Allergy , Whooping cough, Wheezing, Flu & Asthma.

What is Sharp Air Purifier? Alternatively, How Does the Sharp Air Purifier work?

Sharp air purifiers are the only air purifiers that have Active & Passive Purification Methods. Passive purification means HEPA + other filtration which is used to trap dust (PM 2.5), smoke & pollen. Active purification means Plasmacluster technology that goes out & eliminates infectious germs & toxic gases/ chemicals from both air & surface

What is the maintenance of HEPA?

HEPA Filter should be cleaned with a dry brush or Dry cloth only. (Do not use water/ vacuum cleaner/ blower to clean the HEPA FILTER.) Once in 30 - 45 days the HEPA filter's outside part should be kept in sunlight, it kills any virus, bacteria, mold, fungus & vaporizes any kitchen oil, etc. trapped in the filter. Only, the pre-filter can be washed with water and if needed with detergent. (Standard cleaning of machine can be done with a moist cloth as we do in our household equipment like TV & Fridge)

What do you mean by 99.8% Allergens removal? What is Allergy sealed?

British Allergy Foundation has verified that Sharp Air Purifier can eliminate 99.8% allergens. The British Allergy Foundation has tested Sharp Air Purifier and has awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval. Plasmacluster Ions have been found most useful in the removal of allergy triggers like seasonal viral, dust mites, mold, pollen airborne chemicals, etc. BAF Seal is the most trusted mark in the battle against allergy.

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