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Sharp’s range of Air Purifiers integrates advanced Plasmacluster Technology to give you Air as Natural as Nature, and look after the health of you and your loved ones.

Why Choose Sharp?

Sharp Air Purifiers combine Active Plasmacluster Technology, and Passive Filtration. The combination of these two technologies eliminates a variety of pollutants, along with the worry of health issues from polluted air, to provide physical protection and peace of mind.

How Sharp technologies eliminate pollutants
Type of Pollutants Pollutants Ratio Approximate concentration of each pollutant in indoor air Pre FilterFine mesh washable pre-filter traps visible dust particles Carbon/Panda# FilterSharp Original: eliminates poisonous gases and VOC HEPA FilterHighest Graded H14 Class (in EN1822 type) true HEPA filters PlasmaclusterSharp original: Nature’s method of purification certified and safe Humidifier*works on natural evaporation technique to adjust RH levels and improve skin
PM10, House Dust, pet Dander 15%        
PM 2.5 Pollen 36%        
Chemical Fumes & Toxins 20%      
VOC & Haze compounds 7%      
Infectious Substances 22%        
Skin and Throat Dryness, Skin Texture -      
  • #Available in selected models only
  • *Available on Humidifier models


All Sharp technologies and capabilities are tested and verified by 31 Globally Accredited labs


Sharp Technology


“Active" Plasmacluster mechanism works in combination with "passive" HEPA filtration to remove contaminants from indoor air.Plasma is a cloud of ions (protons, neutrons, & electrons) produced by electrical discharges. The Plasmacluster Ion generating device replicates this process to release Hydrogen (+) ions and Oxygen (-) ions surrounded by water molecules into the air. Nature produces similar (+ & -) ions to reverse air pollution - a natural air defence mechanism to purify the air and make it more invigorating. Using this technology, Sharp Air Purifiers give you higher quality, natural air, that is free of pollutants and an enhanced sensory experience.

Winner of the Invention Prize at the 2008 National Invention Awards Ceremony held by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII) Patented by Sharp (Patent No. 3680121)

The Benefits of Plasmacluster Technology

  • Generates fresh indoor air by emitting positive and negative ions that occur in nature.
  • Neutralizes harmful VOCs and toxic gases
  • Kills harmful microbes including H1N1, E. Coli, MRSA, TB, & more to sterilise indoor air
  • Removes static electricity that traps dust particles and pollen
  • Helps the skin retain moisture & improves its elasticity and texture


Sharp Air Purifiers draws in air from the indoor environment through the intake. This air passes through a set of high-performance filters (carbon filter & HEPA filter) before being circulated back into the room through the outlet vents. These processes work in a continuous cycle to ensure clean, natural and healthy indoor air.

The Superiority of HEPA filters

  • All Sharp Air Purifiers sold in India are equipped with highest class HEPA filter with JEMA standard from Japan.
  • They capture 99.97% of 0.3-micron dust particles
  • Large surface area for higher performance & efficiency
  • Highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) in its category
  • Depending upon the usage and environmental conditions, a HEPA filter can last for up to 2 year

Harmful Ozone Free

Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion Technology does not produce any harmful Ozone during its process of air treatment. Instead, it mimics nature to purify indoor air using positive and negative ions.

CB Certificate for Electrical Equipment

Japan Quality Assurance Organisation

Don't Mistake Plasmacluster for a Negative Ionizer

Plasmacluster Technology is often mistaken as being the same method adopted in a negative ionizer, which is a type of air purifier frequently found in Indian markets. Ionizers add a negative charge to harmful airborne suspended particles, making them heavier and causing them to fall to the nearest horizontal surface.

According to research by scientist Yuko Amo published in the Japan Times, machines that produce negative-ions use an electric-discharge method that emits ozone, a harmful and highly toxic gas. Users should be very cautious when purchasing negative ion generators.

Plasmacluster Technology produces both positive and negative ions using water vapor in the air, without any emission of Ozone. These ions attach to pollutants and break down their surfacebefore returning to the air as water vapour. The safety and effectiveness of Plasmacluster Technology have been certified by 31 global test laboratories, ensuring that there are no negative side effects or harmful by-products - simply clean, natural air free of pollutants.

Test report video

Effects of Plasmacluster Ions against Airborne Microbes


Ions identical to ions found in
nature are released into the air.


The Ions form highly oxidizing Hydroxide radicals that physically break down