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Corporate Social Responsibility

With CSR initiatives, we aim to make society a better place for everyone. At Sharp we want to bring the change in life of human by engaging with the 3 basic aspects of life, i.e. Water, Air and the Food. These are building block of human life, and sharp thrive to make these essentials clean as much as possible. In doing so, we believe in making machine that take a very less consumption of energy, this way we are doing our bit towards protecting nature.

We also believe that a healthy happy life is right of every human being and as part of our responsibility to elevate the quality of our society Sharp do CSR activity. By improving the quality of life, we create a positive impact on the life of Key stake holder and ensure that we are doing well for the community. Our entire program is based and created for the community by the community, where we cater a very specific requirement of community members. The core area of our CSR Work is around.

  • We are helping underprivileged children for Education
  • Sharp is providing them books, stationery and other institution for studies.
  • Providing them shelter and playground to play.
  • Providing them Mid-day meals.

The Sharp India lives by its saying, which is “Better Life for everyone”. We strongly believe that it’s important for everyone to help those who are in need. If we are in a society where people take care of other people then there won’t be a single human healthy or unhappy. We are not making our living space sustainable but we are creating a network under which we all join our hands and do well for our society.

The Community we are helping for education is a community who are struggling even for basic necessity. It is difficult for them to provide education for their offspring. Sharp is associated with groups who are working on ground level and helping these kids with a chance to have a better life. These kids will adhere to good policies that these groups are teaching them and they will understand the value of true living by preserving the nature, doing well to humans and being a nice human being.