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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sharp strongly believes that a company cannot succeed, if society fails around it. That is why, in addition to our mission to bring Simply Better Life to our customers, we strive to make it a reality for all sections of society, through a robust Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Sharp’s CSR program focuses on two major objectives :

  • Empowerment of the next generation through education and vocational training
  • Empowerment of women through self-employment and promotion of national/rural sports

These two major objectives constitute action against two of the major developmental issues facing the nation, and Sharp believes that with targeted action, we can create a more equitable society for all Indians, regardless of gender, caste, economic background or origin.

The three focus areas where special community development programmes are run are:

  • Education and vocational training – promoting education, with emphasis on special education , vocational training and livelihood enhancement projects for children,women, the elderly, and the differently abled
  • Gender equality and empowerment of women – Promoting gender equality and empowering women with actions such as setting up homes and hostels for women and orphans, old age homes, day care centers and other facilities for senior citizens, alongside measures to reduce inequalities faced by socially and economically marginalized groups
  • Promotion of sports – Training to promote rural sports, nationally recognized sports, Olympic and Paralympic sports

In addition, Sharp implements community development interventions in the following areas:

  • Hunger, poverty, malnutrition and health
  • Environmental sustainability
  • National heritage, art, and culture
  • Rural and slum area development

To achieve these big goals effectively, it is important to collaborate with those who share our vision. With fruitful collaboration with NGOs, collaboration with government entities and contribution to key government financial schemes such as the Clean Ganga Fund and Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, it is possible to increase the impact of our actions many fold.

Ekal Abhiyan

Sharp is proud to contribute to Ekal Abhiyan, by supporting Ekal Vidyalayas in rural areas through Lok Shiksha Parishad. The Ekal Vidyalaya movement has reached over 23,65, 000 students in more than 88,000 villages throughout India. Aside from literacy, Ekal education focuses on health and hygiene, empowerment, vocational skill development on computer literacy, organic farming, tailoring and the moral and ethical values of Ekal Abhiyan.

The Roti Foundation, Mumbai

Sharp contributes to and supports the Roti Foundation, a non-profit food rescue organization based in Mumbai. At the heart of their mission is the Mumbai Roti Bank, that collects excess food from households, hospitals, party venues and others, and distributes them in underprivileged communities at no cost. In addition, freshly made food is distributed in locations such as the Tata Cancer Hospital and Drona Foundation School in Dharavi. With a presence in many Mumbai slum areas such as Dharavi, Mankhurd, Trombay and Vikroli, the Roti Foundation is bridging the gap between hunger and excess food with the support of Sharp.

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