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We don’t create products – we originate technologies that enhance lifestyles and inspire innovations, to support individual expression and let you live your ‘Simply Better Life’.

Customer Speak

"On this Diwali, my boss gifted me a Sharp Healsio Super Heated Steam Oven. I am amazed with the versatility of this product. I mean you can grill, bake, microwave and what not. It is definitely a replacement for almost half of the items in my kitchen."

Deepak Pal, Finance Auditor

"In the month of October, we were shopping for my daughter’s marriage. And then I saw this twin cooker at a dealer of Sharp. In this cooker, she can make 4 dishes at 1 time which will save her lots of time. She loved it when she finally saw it and now she wants more smart appliances from Sharp."

Ramsingh Bagga, Businessman

"My daughter is delighted about making breads using Sharp’s bread maker. She makes jam, chuttni and other dishes along with home baked bread. It being a smart appliance, I am at ease that it is safe for her. She is just 12 and I’m proud of this new chef in making."

Rajat Palekar, Writer

"I recently moved to Pune, and I am still settling in the city. I bought twin cooker for myself and it has changed my life completely. I can cook my lunch & breakfast at the same time like pullao for lunch and poha for breakfast. It is very easy to clean as well."

Shreejit Gosh, Architect.

"I got a Healsio as a house-warming gift from my colleagues in Delhi. It is such an easy to use machine that I almost cook anything I want in just a few minutes. The technology of superheated steam keeps the vegetable crispy and prevents them from getting soggy."

Rahul Kumar, Construction Company

"We are now working with better atmosphere after the installation of the SHARP air purifiers with Plasmacluster technology and experiencing a great difference as quality of air is being purified through the units."

Manager, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Chennai

"My wife was on oxygen cylinder because of respiratory problem, after using the Sharp Air Purifier she feel very good and also breath easily without oxygen cylinder"

Premendra Singh, Rajasthan


Tested AND Trusted

To provide the ultimate experience from each of our offerings, each product from Sharp undergoes rigorous testing, and holds verifications from international labs and organizations.